Hops for treating gastric ulcers

At the end the addition of dried barley malt concentrate proved to be the most effective.

Hops do not have to be connected with beer production only. Scientists from three Czech research centres proved in their laboratory that specially treated hops effects are comparable with the effect of antibiotics.

The hops were examined during a three-year long research by experts from the Research Institute of Food Industry, Thomayer Hospital and Research Institute of Brewing and Malting in Prague. The experts found out the substances contained in hops prevent the Helicobacter pyroli bacteria from reproducing and that it is highly probable they could potentially kill the bacteria when used in higher concentrations. The author of this information is Pavel Čermák, senior consultant of clinical microbiology of Thomayer Hospital in Prague.

The Helicobacter pylori bacteria is the cause for gastric ulcers and inflammations that contributes to the cancer formation when untreated for long time. Antibiotics are the basic treatment for this condition apart from other drugs affecting the stomach mucous. This antibiotic treatment is ineffective for some patients as the bacteria can defend itself from these drugs and come back later. According to Čermák this applies to five percent of patients but he emphasized this was only an estimate and the percentage could be in fact much higher. This is also one of the reasons scientists turned to substances of natural and plant origin. Laboratory tests results prove the hops to contain substances with effects similar to antibiotics. Hops could therefore become a natural remedy for gastric ulcers and inflammations.

For the research purposes it was necessary to keep the hops fresh for the longest time possible. The team developed a new method for hops pressure treatment that allows for storing the hops without changing its properties. The Thomayer Hospital workers were able to collect 31 Helicobacter pylori tribes for testing the effects of the treated hops. "Laboratory tests proved that pressure treated hops are comparable to antibiotics in their effects", stated Čermák.

According to the research results we suggested using the hops as a dietary supplement for treating infections caused by the H.pylori bacteria. So far they were unable to find a producer.

Alexandr Mikyška from the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting added that the hops, apart from substances with antibacterial properties, also contain a lot of other agents with positive effects such as plant oestrogens that are effective against cancer and antioxidants. According to him it was proven it contains substances with anti-inflammatory or diuretic effects. These agents increase appetite, detoxify the body and prevent sleep disorders. As he said the advantage of the proposed dietary supplement is that the hops is used fresh. "No loss of effective substances exists as is the case with drying and the substances are not thinned down as when brewing beer", he added.

Source: halonoviny.cz