Hops - a cure for stomach. will they replace antibiotics?

At the end the addition of dried barley malt concentrate proved to be the most effective.

Prague - As Jára Cimrman said, it is better to have beer in the stomach than water in the lungs. His words are confirmed by a research conducted by experts from Thomayer Hospital in Prague. They examined antibacterial effects of hops and found out it helps in treatment of gastric ulcers.

Curative substances in hops can eliminate diseases caused by the Helicobacter pylori (HP) bacteria. These microbes live on the mucosa surface of stomach and duodenum and cause chronical inflammations, ulcers and contribute to stomach cancer when untreated. Doctors fight the microbe with antibiotics which do not always work and the disease regresses.

"Nowadays, infectious diseases are treated with antibiotics. Their effectiveness decreases due to widespread resistant bacteria tribes. Research and development of new antibiotics is not as fast as it was expected and needed. It is one of the reasons why people turn to natural and plant remedies. In fact it is a return to the folk medicine but on a higher quality level", says Pavel Čermák, senior consultant of clinical microbiology of Prague Krc Hospital.

The research conducted in the Thomayer Hospital is supported by Research Institute of Food Industry and Research Institute of Brewing and Malting in Prague. The team was able to find a way to store the fresh hops for long periods without losing any curative properties. The loss of properties happened with drying the hops but the new pressure treatment is able to conserve them.

"We were able to gather possibly the largest HP bacteria tribes collection in the world from patients with gastric diseases. We tested the hops treated by the new method on these bacteria. Laboratory tests proved that pressure treated hops are comparable to antibiotics in their effects", explains Pavel Čermák. Based on these results experts suggested to use the hops as a dietary supplement that could be used to treat HP bacteria infections.

"The advantage of these dietary supplements is that the hops are contained in the fresh state. No loss of effective substances exists as is the case with drying and the substances are not thinned down as when brewing beer", adds Milan Houška from the Food Institute.

"Hops also contain a lot of other substances with positive benefits, e.g. plant oestrogen, agents for cancer prevention and antioxidant", concludes Alexandr Mikyška from the Brewing Institute.

Source: denik.cz