Czech scientists try to treat gastric ulcers with hops

People connect hops with beer but thanks to the work of Czech scientists hops could become a natural remedy for gastric ulcers and inflammations. The team of experts from Research Institute of Food Industry, Thomayer Hospital and Research Institute of Brewing and Malting proved the specially treated hops are almost as effective as antibiotics.

Gastric ulcers and inflammations are caused by the H.pylori bacteria that contributed to stomach cancer formation when untreated. Antibiotics are the basic treatment for this condition apart from other drugs affecting the stomach mucous. Some patients do not respond positively to the treatment and their problems return. According to the senior consultant of microbiology in Thomayer Hospital Pavel Čermák this turns attention to substances of natural and especially plant origin. The team was able to develop a new hops pressure treatment method that allows for long-term storage of hops without the loss of properties that happens when drying. According to Čermák the Thomayer Hospital workers were able to gather H.pylori bacteria tribes collection from patients with gastric diseases and test the treated hops effects on them. "Laboratory tests proved that pressure treated hops are comparable to antibiotics in their effects", said Čermák.

The hops effects analysis suggests there could be some unknown substances with potential antibiotic impact. "According to the research results we suggested using the hops as a dietary supplement for treating infections caused by the H.pylori bacteria", said Čermák. Alexandr Mikyška from the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting added that the hops, apart from substances with antibacterial properties, also contain a lot of other agents with positive effects such as plant oestrogens that are effective against cancer and antioxidants. As he said the advantage of the proposed dietary supplement is that the hops is used fresh. "No loss of effective substances exists as is the case with drying and the substances are not thinned down as when brewing beer", he added.